BazlenYang  Global Sourcing

Inexpensive production of your metal and plastic components


Prototype construction and series production, individual parts and assemblies.


High quality level through quality assurance already at the suppliers.


Support in drawing up and manufacturing technology advice.


Logistics service.


What we do

We are a full-service provider from inquiry to delivery.

Cast parts, profile parts, stamped and bent parts, plastic injection molded parts, mechanical processing, assembly and surface coating.



Examination of technical drawings
production-ready construction. Production of 3D Drawings, selection of those for customer orders most suitable producers.


Advice on cost savings and quality improvement, e.g. through alternative manufacturing processes, materials and surface coatings.


Series production Quality assurance of series production through implemented quality Control systems already on the “shop floor”, creation of Test reports, measurement protocols and factory certificates.

Individual parts and assemblies made of metal and plastic.

NANNNING Bazlenyang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is your reliable partner for the manufacture of individual parts and assemblies in Asia. We offer you a wide range of parts from different manufacturing processes and different materials from a single source. Take advantage of the potential with us to procure your supplier parts in Asia – without additional effort and with a direct increase in your yield!

We are not a contract manufacturer in the classic sense, but support our customers along the value chain. From 2D / 3D drawing creation, production of prototypes, tool construction, cross-production production planning, coordination with suppliers and series production to logistics.

Our customers are well-known medium-sized companies from very different industries. You purchase parts and assemblies from us for your own production or pre-packaged for resale. NANNNING Bazlenyang Imp & Exp Co., Ltd has an extensive, steadily growing network of contracted suppliers in the most important major Chinese industrial centers. Our headquarters in Nanning in southern China are located in the center of the ASEAN-China free trade area – the largest free trade area in the world.

Special offer 2020

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Order in 2020 and benefit from our special offer:

By the end of the year, you will receive a credit of 500 EUR for a tool order, which will be deducted directly from the tool price.

Our offer applies to injection molding, extrusion, die casting, profile and stamping and bending tools. We also consider current offers. Contact us!

Special offer for christmas

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Offer follows

Special offer for 2021

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The first 5 tool orders in 2021 benefit from our special offer:

You will receive a credit of 500 EUR, which will be deducted directly from the tool price. Our offer applies to injection molding, extrusion, die casting, profile and stamping and bending tools.

We also consider ongoing offers. Contact us!

Why ‘BazlenYang – Gobal Outsourcing’?


Our experienced employees are your specialists on site. We take care of the implementation of your requirements, from prototype construction through production to final assembly and shipping.


With our constantly optimized supplier network, you receive a wide range of components in consistently high quality from a single source.

Extensive services

Such as. the free production of 2-D / 3-D drawings and production technology advice, cost-effective production of samples and tool changes.

We will make you a tailor-made offer.

Contact us !



A4, Block 1, No 42 Xing Hu Lu, Bin Hu Zhuang Yuan, Nanning Guangxi 530022, P.R. Chinan


+86 139 078 664 72


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